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Author/Entrepreneur/Financial Literacy Advocate/Canfield Certified Trainer of the Success Principles
I wholeheartedly recommend Jacqueline Fe Retes-Luy to people who are looking for a professional coach who could help them win over a struggle or just simply need clarity in any area of their lives. It could be personal, career, or business-related. I got into transformational coaching with her because I could not decide over something that has been bothering me for years. Jacq made me go through a series of coaching approaches that led me to a decision that is most healthy to my emotional space and well-being. My session with her was truly a liberating, life-changing experience, and transformative. Thank you so much, Jacq.


OD and HR Consultant I Trainer and Facilitator
Jacque is who she is inside-out. She is very passionate in listening to the stories of people and appreciating every line, every twist, every climax and every ending of it. Jacque is a person who tells you what you need to hear and not just because she wanted to say it but because she wanted you to be the best version of yourself. Jacque puts her heart in everything - to the goals she set, to the company she works with, to her colleagues' growth and development, to PMAP, to her friends, to her family, to the food she eats, to everyone that she meets...simply to everything. Jacque never gives up. She is always putting up a good fight and ensures that every step that she'll take are well thought of, well calibrated and with clear objectives in mind. Jacque never hesitates to help people. She finds time to reach out when you need her or even just to say hi and keep you warm. Jacque is a friend with authentic heart and objective mind. 🤗🤗🤗


HR Director, Dole Philippines
Author Mandy Hale said that, “People are sent into our lives to teach us things that we need to learn about ourselves.” I think my coaching experience can be summed up in this quote. Oftentimes, we need somebody to talk to and help us process our feelings and our thoughts. After we go through a good reflective conversation, we emerge enlightened and uplifted. My coaching conversation with Ms. Jacqueline Luy precisely turned out that way. I felt that our coaching conversation was a means for me to amplify the process of reflection and extend it beyond my ability to see life through my own lens. Our life journey certainly becomes better knowing we have fellow travellers who help us see our way clearer.


Tristar Group of Banana Companies, People Leader
The time I spent with Coach Jacque was all worth it. Not only did i get the chance to revisit my inner self as a leader but a discovery of my real aspirations for my organization and my dream for the people i lead, influence and inspire. I got ignited, enthused and compelled to level up and make the most of what is left in this journey . It is only then that I can sit back and relax and tell to myself - i have made a difference.

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